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Pharmaceutical Washer (Ampoules, Vials, Syringes, Cartridges) Pharmaceutical Washer (Ampoules, Vials, Syringes, Cartridges)

The Bosch series RRN 20x3 (without ultrasonic bath) is a solution for the low and medium performance range. The RRU 20x3 continues in the tradition of innovative design and reliability while providing improved operational flexibility and ease of operation. Each cleaning station is supplied via its own pipe connection to the cleaning media, making the washing area completely free of hoses.

Pharmaceutical Washers: RRN 3xx5 Series Pharmaceutical Washers: RRN 3xx5 Series

The RRN 3xx5 series (without ultrasonic bath) is the perfect solution for the high output range Each cleaning station is completely free of hoses. This not only increases pharmaceutical safety, but also simplifies maintenance and cleaning efforts. By using a servo driven internal spraying needle motion, different container sizes can be processed without changing the internal spraying needles. The external cleaning stations are mounted above the transport system and can be easily adjusted for a specific height, angle, and lateral position.

External Cleaning System For Sealed Ampoules, Vials, and Cartridges: RAN 30x0 External Cleaning System For Sealed Ampoules, Vials, and Cartridges: RAN 30x0

For the safety of personnel and customers as well as an undisturbed processing, thorough cleaning of the outside surfaces of filled and sealed receptacles such as injection bottles, ampoules, or cylinder ampoules is essential. This applies especially for highly potent and/or freeze-dried products. With the new external cleaning machine RAN 30x0 you will reach a level of cleaning quality that has never been achieved before, thus ensuring that your receptacles remain free of product residues or other contaminants.

Pharmaceutical Sterilizer Pharmaceutical Sterilizer

The sterilizer type ADV, is designed for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry for production, laboratory and R & D applications. The vacuum steam process, ensures complete elimination of air from the chamber and sterilizing load.

Sterilization Of Pharmaceutical Liquids Sterilization Of Pharmaceutical Liquids

The sterilizer type SDR, is designed to sterilize liquids in open, semi sealed or 100% closed containers according to the steam-air mixture process. The big advantage of this process is a complete dry product at the end of the cycle.

Pharmaceutical Sterilization And Depyrogenation Equipment Pharmaceutical Sterilization And Depyrogenation Equipment

The safe and reliable sterilization and depyrogenation of pre-cleaned containers is the most important pre-treatment step in the pharmaceutical process. The modular HQL 6000,7000 and 8000 tunnel series offer maximum process safety and reproducible treatment quality combined with high flexibility, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Stability Chambers Pharmaceutical Stability Chambers

Thermolab Scientific Chambers are perfectly designed for the high requirements of stability studies and climatic tests. With Stability Chambers specifically developed to meet FDA/ICH stability requirements generating exceptional control and uniformity of both temperature and humidity. Thermolab Stability Chambers feature various safety feature, audio visual alarms, 21 CFR part 11 software and a vast range of options and is the most preferred choice for stability studies. Every Thermolab Scientific Chamber repeatedly produces required conditions, structural integrity that keeps the chamber working properly through years of demanding test cycles and measuring equipment’s that precisely records all test data.

Pharmaceutical Cooling Cabinet Pharmaceutical Cooling Cabinet

Thermolab Cooling Cabinets are of superior quality and precise control best suited for storage of reference standards, raw materials and vaccine storage. Thermolab Cooling Cabinets feature various safety feature, audio visual alarms, 21 CFR part 11 compliant software and are the preferred choice in cooling solutions.

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