PREXIMA 300 is a single sided rotary tablet press for the compression of powder blends obtained by wet or dry granulation or by simple mixing. On the basis of the dimensions of the tablets to be produced, the machine can be fitted with different interchangeable turrets, with a different number of stations.

Used MG2 continuous motion capsule filler, model Planeta100, nominally rated up to 100,000 capsules/hour, currently set up for microdose capsules, multinet weight control unit less scale system, 460 volt, serial# 4697, built 2014.

Unused Bosch Aseptic powder filling line, speeds up to 325 vials/minute, set up to fill 20 mL vials, .5 - 3.5 gram fills, 230/400 volt, 3 phase, Siemens S7 and Elau PacDrive controls, system built 2019, installed, commissioned with IQ/OC and not used.

Wilson Tool International provides training and continuing education on a wide variety of topics related to tablet design, tooling maintenance and compression theory. Our trainers offer best practices and time-tested techniques that will produce tangible results for your organization.

Tablet press tooling manufactured with rotating punch heads can improve the overall life of the tool. Rotating prevents flat or worn spots on the punch head, which can sometimes develop from the constant friction of operating the tool in a single position within the rail. Rotating punch heads rotate slightly so that the head receives impact in a different spot with every compression cycle. If you notice that your punch heads are wearing or experiencing damage prematurely, consider adding rotating punch heads to your design.

Tool inspection, stocking and maintenance takes time and resources. Wilson Tool International offers the assistance you need to run efficiently and maintain accurate data.

Our services in tablet design are influenced by a strong belief in the importance of consistent partnership, maintaining checkpoints throughout the production process and providing customized solutions as needed. The services listed below provide the cornerstone of our tablet design process.

DS3 size tooling is available in a wide variety of standard shapes and can also be customized to your specific application and design. The upper punch and lower punch are available in standard or advanced tool steel, to help you ensure the best in performance and production based on your tablet needs. Dies can be manufactured with standard steel, or in a wide variety of high-performance advanced steel options.