The TPR 200 is a highly efficient, new addition to the Syntegon tablet press range. Designed for small to medium batches with outputs of over 230,000 tablets per hour.

Syntegon Technology has developed the fully automated capsule filling machine GKF Capsylon 1505 for economically filling powder, pellets, and granulates. The dosing station can fill sticky and fine grained powders precisely. The height adjustable metering disk allows for quick adjustment between product formats or filling amounts.

The capsule filling machine GKF 3000 has an output of 175,000 capsules per hour. This machine is reliable, low-maintenance, and provides production security.

Fully automated double sided tablet press with high OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)

The GKF 720 HiProtect provides a high containment concept for the production of potent and costly niche products such as "orphan drugs” against rare diseases.

Ropack Pharma Solutions recognizes the significance of manufacturing in generating pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products which meet the highest standards. With precision as our goal, we offer blending and encapsulation services in cGMP-compliant facilities utilizing gold-standard technology. 

Used BellatRx electronic lane counter, model RX-Fill PLUS, speeds up to 25 bottles/minute at 100 count, 2-40mm tablet size, 1" - 4" by 12" high bottle size, 0.5" or larger neck diameter, Allen Bradley PLC controls with PanelView 600 HMI, 120 volt, order# 7155, serial# 035, built 2019.

Used Fette 2090i WiP rotary tablet press, 36 station, 100 Kn pre-compression, 100 Kn main compression, single sided, keyed upper punch guides, 16 mm max tablet diameter, 18 mm max depth of fill, rated up to 248,000 tablets/hour, force feed with feed hopper with WIP panel, control panel and operator interface panel, serial# 180057, built 2004.