• Determination Of Moisture Permeation During Product Shelf Life

    How non-destructive headspace analysis information can be critical for QC groups performing stability studies, or for packaging development groups responsible for choosing the optimal packaging.

  • Lyo Chamber Moisture Mapping

    Rapid non-destructive headspace moisture analysis from LIGHTHOUSE enables fast moisture determination of statistical numbers of lyo samples.

  • Root Cause Investigation Into A Possible Container Closure Integrity Failure

    In cases where oxidation of the formulation causes discoloration and eventual degradation of the product, non-destructive headspace analysis tests can give deep insight into the root cause. Since the samples are not destroyed by the headspace analysis, further testing can be done to accurately correlate headspace conditions with other product characteristics.

  • Redefining Fast Melt For Pharma With 3D Printing

    Adults and children alike often struggle with compliance and acceptance of medication regimens due to the sizes and shape of prescribed tablets. One pharmaceutical manufacturer sought to create a convenient, easy-to-swallow dosage form by taking an alternative approach: three-dimensional printing (3DP). This white paper outlines their approach to creating an FDA validated manufacturing process for rapidly disintegrating dosage forms.

  • 5 Steps To Increase Energy-Efficient Mixing

    Mixer testing simulation trials are needed to confirm the suitability of a specific mixing strategy. This white paper explores five ways to increase energy efficiency in new and existing mixing processes.

  • Efficiencies In Powder Dispersion For Manufacturers

    Uniformly dispersing powders into a liquid batch in a practical amount of time is a common problem for F&B manufacturers. This white paper explores five tips for dispersing powders more efficiently.


In i-Dositecno we design, build and sell filling systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. From our beginnings 15 years ago, i-Dositecno has developed a complete range of machinery, giving to the pharmaceutical market, our way of work, with fully servomotorized machine, in order to facilitate the format changes and optimize the production. We are now present in many of the pharmaceutical industries, with a lot of references.

Used Lock metal check model MET30+, approximately 3.75" x 0.75" opening, 115 volt, serial# 21315/3, built 2004.

Used Key International capsule polisher, model CP350, stainless steel product contact surfaces, on stand with empty capsule reject, no brush, serial# JI2823.

Factory Demo IMA Prexima 300 rotary tablet press, 33 station, TSM B tooled, 100kn pre compression and main compression, with force feeder, 16 mm max tablet diameter, with 8, 12, 16 and 19 mm fill cams, nominally rated up to 237,600 tph with HMI. Please see attached IMA Prexima 300 tablet press, serial#KC1034 quotation with applicable IMA terms and conditions.

Bosch GKF 2500 ASB 100% ASB/IPK Capsule Filling Machine (100%) With KKE-2500 Check Weigher With Touch Screen Controller.

AST’s line of table-top machines, GENiSYS® Lab, are ideal systems for drug product development and cGMP production applications. Each system is designed to automate the critical aseptic operations for vial, syringe and cartridge processing to reduce contamination risk and product variability. These table-top systems are engineered to have complete compatibility with cleanroom environments, including Laminar Air Flow Hoods, Bio-Safety Cabinets and aseptic isolators.

Used BWI Manesty Unipress Diamond rotary table press, 27 station, keyed upper punch guides, 6.5 ton main compression, 1 ton pre compression, B tooled, 16 mm max tablet diameter, 18 mm max depth of fill, single side with force feeder with feed hopper, rated up to 196,200 tablets/hour, serial# UN248JA.

Hata Tablet Press, Model HT-AP55-DU/I.E. Double sided, serial number Nov. 90 - Oct. 1991