Newsletter | May 25, 2023

05.25.23 -- Discover Secondary Packaging Service Providers & Suppliers

Single-Use Bioprocessing Bags

ILC Dover’s Liquid Single-Use BioProcessing Bags are single-use containers for fluid storage and transfer in cGMP manufacturing. They are highly configurable with a variety of sizes, ports, and components to safely store and transfer buffers, media, and bulk product.

Automated Inspection System For CCIT Of Parenteral Drug Products: Veripac LPX

The VeriPac LPX is the next generation automated inspection system for container closure integrity testing of parenteral products. This product features automated CCI for prefilled syringes and vials using PTI’s vacuum decay technology.

Mass Extraction CCIT For Vials

ATC's patented Mass Extraction technology instrument includes Intelligent Molecular Flow Sensor (IMFS) measuring the flow extracted from the Unit Under Test (UUT) while inside a vacuum chamber and an automatic test circuit for a fully automative DETERMINISTIC test method.

ASEPTiCell Robotic Filling And Finishing

ASEPTiCell provides flexible, robotic filling and finishing of vials, syringes and cartridges for small to medium clinical and commercial batches. The modular design allows the ASEPTiCell to be built to your specification without the cost and risk of customization.

Versatile Pharmaceutical Weighing Platform That Provides High Accuracy And Throughput

This video demonstrates the C3570 checkweigher system's extremely high weighing accuracy (from +/- 10 mg) on packages from 3g to 10kg. It is capable of running up to 600 packs per minute with product handling variants including side-grip conveyors, top and bottom conveyors, infeed timing screws and star-wheels which ensure smooth product flow.

Aseptic Filling Of Respiratory Therapy Bottles Using Blow-Fill-Seal

Respiratory Therapy bottles are shown produced with Weiler Engineering, Inc.'s Asep-Tech® B/F/S (Blow/Fill/Seal) aseptic filling equipment with downstream servo deflasher. This process is a 6 cavity mold, Polypropylene resin, and a mold format of 360/540/640mL sterile filled volume bottle sizes.

The Launch Of New Generation Headspace Analyzers

This new family of of headspace analyzers are used in analytical and QC labs as well as in the parenteral production environment for container closure integrity testing, headspace oxygen analysis for stability and shelf life studies, headspace oxygen monitoring for process development and IPC monitoring, and water activity determination.

Unused Easysnap Pulsar 351 Vertical Fill Form Seal Machine

Unused Easysnap Pulsar 351 vertical fill form seal machine, model Pulsar 351, used to fill liquid into "Easysnap" semi-rigid one-handed portion packs, 4 to 8 lane depending on set up with speeds up to 320/minute depending on format and product, currently set up as 6 lane at 1.5 - 5 mL

ChargePoint PharmaSafe - Contained Powder Handling in OSD Formulation

The PharmaSafe Split Butterfly Valve (SBV) powder containment system ensures high integrity worker protection when transferring potent products from process to process. The system can be adapted with several accessories to meet many different process scales and set ups.

HDV-AT6 Pinhole Inspector For Glass Vials

The HDV-AT6 provides high voltage leak detection for glass vials sizes. 100% inspection for Glass Vials; Non-destructive leak testing; 6 Inspection Stations; Speeds up to 400 vials/min; Vial sizes 2mL to 100mL; Size change in 20 minutes

Semi-Automatic Bottle Aggregation For Serialization Requirements

Serialized bottles are entering the end-of-line packaging process. Data Matrix Codes are identified independent from orientation by a 360 degree multi-camera system without the usage of a helper code.

Global BioServices: Secondary Packaging And Labeling Solutions

Cryoport Systems’ highly anticipated Global Supply Chain Centers have been operational for a few months, and customers continue to move biopharmaceutical materials into our facilities in order to mitigate risks.

GF Pharmaceutical Bag Inspection

The GF Bag Inspection Machine offers the ideal solution to ensure parenteral products are free of foreign products using multi-point vision station during bag positioning and spinning phase. Optimized design and structure allow for simple operation, quick changeovers, and low maintenance.

High Containment Micronizing And Materials Handling Technologies

See how a complex two-floor large scale high containment micronizing plant equipped with fully contained sampling and pack-off technology solutions ensure OEL levels are kept well under the target while allowing fully streamlined processes.