At DSM Biomedical, our global vision is ‘Solving our world’s healthcare needs through sustainable science.’

As the world’s unrivaled biomaterials expert and committed partner in driving sustainable innovation in healthcare, we achieve this vision by providing innovative solutions that enable the design of novel sustained and controlled drug delivery solutions.

Our primary polymer platforms supporting Sustained Drug Delivery formulations include:

  • Biodegradable Polyester Amide (PEA) Platform
  • Biostable Polyurethanes

We are proud to be able to work with our partners to co-develop customized solutions that leverage our proprietary material technologies. With tunable properties to suit the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), the physiology of the delivery site, and the desired target profile of the end-product, DSM Biomedical strives to create solutions that not only impact the treatment landscape positively for the patient, but also for the planet.

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