Formulation Development Applications & Studies

  1. S.U.B. Enhancements For High-Density Perfusion Cultures

    This study presents how strategic enhancements to the sparge and agitation systems of Thermo Scientific HyPerforma S.U.B.s have revealed the potential for a three- to four-fold improvement in mixing and mass transfer performance compared to legacy S.U.B. designs.

  2. Improved Bioavailability Of Trio Medicines In 12 Weeks

    Learn how a structured 3-step approach can help overcome the challenge of molecular characterization and a limited budget.

  3. Multifunctional Additives For Better Stability Of Probiotic Formulations

    How SYLOID FP silica products contribute significantly in mitigating/resolving key challenges such as formulation stability over time and their ability to withstand challenging processing conditions.

  4. A Carrier For Liquid Drug Solubilizers In Solid Dosage Form Pharmaceuticals

    The combined adsorption capacity, porosity, particle size, and density of the SYLOID® XDP silicas provide a tool to convert liquid ingredients into free flowing powder.

  5. The Formulation Of Viscous Simethicone Into Chewable Tablets

    Grace’s SYLOID® 244 FP silica is highly porous and an excellent solution for converting viscous Simethicone into compressible free flowing powder to make chewable tablets.

  6. Multifunctional Excipients For The Pharmaceutical Industry

    SYLOID® FP and XDP silicas excipients are micronized synthetic amorphous silica gels of high purity which are widely formulated into many pharmaceutical products.

  7. Moisture Activated Dry Granulation (MADG): An Innovative Way To Make Pharmaceutical Processing Easier

    This moisture activated dry granulation (MADG) technique provides a way to address common problems such as endpoint detection, drying, and milling with an efficient, cost-effective granulating process.

  8. Solutions For Liquisolid And Lipid-based Formulations In Pharmaceuticals

    This solutions combined adsorption capacity, porosity, particle size, and density provides a tool to create formulations which can expedite manufacturing and improve efficacy of the final dosage form.

  9. Chromatographic Silica Resin: Cost-Effective Method For Impurity Removal

    Isolation of natural products on DAVISIL® C18 silica is a very useful and cost-effective clean up method for removing impurities from target natural compounds.

  10. Essential Oil Purification Using Chromatographic Silica Resin

    This study details a procedure for purifying Limonene and a-Terpinene, two non-polar hydrocarbons in the terpene class from their polar terpenoid analogs and other polar compounds found in citrus oil.