Material Handling Featured Articles

  1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Tool Life Expectancy

    “How long should a set of tools last?” is one of the most common questions asked of tooling vendors. The answer is dependent on many factors.

  2. Steps To Cleaning Your Pharmaceutical Press Effectively

    Proper cleaning and maintenance of a press is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure it operates with optimum performance. By Doug Kirsch, Technical Service Manager of Tablet Presses, Natoli Engineering Company

  3. A Strategic Approach To Purchasing And Integrating Solid Dose Equipment

    Acquiring pharmaceutical processing equipment and successfully integrating it into operations is not as straightforward as it may seem. 

  4. Porosity And Its Influence On Pharmaceutical Tablet Dissolution Profiles

    Drug delivery as solid dosage forms is complex with a number of factors that can noticeably influence their therapeutic benefit. The drug must be stabilized in the tablet and at the same time be available for absorption in a short time after dosing [1]. The formulation and design of soluble oral tablets needs several factors to be considered.

  5. The Utility Of Specific Surface Area Measurement For Pharmaceutical Materials

    In the pharmaceutical world, particle size analysis has traditionally been the method of choice to “characterize” raw materials.

  6. Materials Characterization In Pharma

    R&D spending in the pharmaceutical industry through 2015 was valued at around $58bn as organisations vied to gain a competitive advantage by bringing new drugs to market as quickly as possible. Materials science is now helping pharmaceutical companies to standardize and control areas such as drug form and manufacture to deliver new products more quickly and with greater quality. The pharma industry is increasingly embracing the principles of Quality by Design (QbD) to improve efficiency and ensure good quality and reduced variability throughout the drug production process.

  7. Why The Shift From Batch To Continuous For Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Manufacturing Is Now Upon Us

    There has been intense interest and emphasis being given to the continuous OSD manufacturing process as an alternative or addition to the traditional batch manufacturing process. 

  8. Blender Selection And Sizing For Powders

    The key to selecting a blender that will blend powders together into uniform mixes, also called "bulk solids," are the material's flow characteristics.

  9. Improve Process Validation For Dry Granulation, Solid Dosage Form Unit Ops

    Process validation establishes the elasticity and restrictions in manufacturing process controls to deliver upon the specified attributes of the dosage form while preventing undesirable results.

  10. Guidelines For Pharma Manufacturers To Effectively Clean A Tablet Press

    Proper cleaning and maintenance of a tablet press and tooling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your press operates with optimum performance.