Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Prefabricated Cleanroom PODs

    G-CON’s prefabricated cleanroom PODs are an advanced innovation in containment and classified infrastructures. PODs have their own air handling system its own technical space, separated from the cleanroom area, making them autonomous from the host facility and each other.

  2. Tablet Press How-To Video Series

    Ever wanted to know how to set-up your tablet press? Natoli offers their customers basic “how-to videos” on their website and YouTube channel as a means to better understand basic process of tablet manufacturing.

  3. Solo Microactivity Reactor

    Advanced microactivity reactor for real-time, in process, activity and selectivity measurements of Catalyst

  4. Non-Destructive Blister Leak Tester

    The VeriPac UBV Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for multi-cavity blister packs for pharmaceutical packaging. The system utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum to detect the presence and location of leaks.

  5. Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

    We specialize in building customized stainless steel tanks and vessels according to customer specifications and performance requirements.

  6. X-Ray Inspection Equipment: SC E 3000-D-C

    High-tech X-ray scanner for professional detection of foreign objects.

  7. 2-Piece Ball Valve Assembly VAPB-2F

    2-Piece Ball Valve Assembly VAPB-3F is a stainless steel valve preassembled with a pneumatic actuator. It’s economical and a time saver, Festo has matched the torques, mounting patterns and hardware for you.

  8. DL1700 Thermocouple Data Logger

    The Vaisala DL1700 series data loggers provide highly accurate temperature data acquisition and are ideal for demanding environments. The data loggers are used with Vaisala's software: either vLog for downloading and analysis, or viewLinc for monitoring and alarming.

  9. XS3 Checkweigher: Compact And Highly Efficient

    The XS3 checkweigher is a compact and highly efficient checkweighing solution which delivers process reliability, productivity and profit.

  10. Market Research Report: Development vs Commercial Outsourced Manufacturing Practices: Biologics

    This report provides insight into the key differences in outsourcing preferences and behaviors among respondents who fall into four different categories of outsourcers of biologic manufacturing: development-stage API, commercial-scale API, development-stage drug product, and commercial-scale drug product.