Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Certus TS Metal Detection System
    Certus TS metal detectors utilize sophisticated software technology to provide advanced metal detection systems with total inspection flexibility for a wide range of applications and products.
  2. Aseptic Filling Machine Isolator

    The Extract Technology, formerly Walker Barrier Systems, small scale Filling Machine Isolator is designed to enclose the filling, stoppering and capping operations of a Powder or Liquid Filling Machine while providing an Aseptic environment for the process. Featuring unidirectional airflow, hinged "easy-lift" window panels and special "mouse hole" for the exit of filled vials.

  3. High Shear Mixer - High Shear Rotor-Stator

    High Shear Inline Rotor-Stator Mixers. Ideal for process manufacturing needs.

  4. Pharmaceutical Steam Sterilizer: FOB-TS

    L in FOB-TS series combines outstanding performance with high quality materials, ease of use and reduced consumption.

  5. Checkweigher System: EC-E

    The new checkweigher EC-E which is designed for standard market level requirements at a throughput of up to 150 ppm.

  6. Biological Safety Cabinet- Class II, Type B1- Labgard 427

    The Labgard 427 offers significantly reduced life-cycle costs with a number of design innovations that make the Class II Type B1 Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet a viable choice for laboratory professionals.

  7. Pharmaceutical Pneumatic Safety Valves

    The MS6-SV and MS9-SV pharmaceutical pneumatic safety valves feature compact size, soft start functionality, and an advantageous price versus performance ratio.

  8. Surface Area and Porosity Analyzers

    The TriStar II is a fully automated, three-station, surface area and porosity analyzer that delivers high-quality data. It is capable of increasing the speed and efficiency of routine quality control analyses, yet has the accuracy, resolution, and data reduction capability to meet most research requirements. 

  9. Contract Stick Packaging Services for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Applications

    Ropack recognizes that the unique design of stick-pack offers multiple benefits – for pharma and natural health products as well as to consumers.

  10. Model 200 Series: Toroidal Conductivity Sensors
    Toroidal sensors are ideal for highly conductive liquids, up to 2 S/cm (2,000,000 uS/cm). The minimum conductivity depends on the size of the toroids and the number of windings in each toroid. Generally, the minimum conductivity is between 50 and 500 uS/cm.