Pharmaceutical Products

  1. Vapor Trap
    FTS Vapor traps are mechanically refrigerated cold traps that protect expensive vacuum pumps from harmful vapors which can shorten their life. The harmful vapors constitute any condensable gases such as water vapor, which, when allowed into the vacuum pump oil, cause it to break down. This results in decreased lubrication and can eventually cause failure of the pump.
  2. Tablet Press How-To Video Series

    Ever wanted to know how to set-up your tablet press? Natoli offers their customers basic “how-to videos” on their website and YouTube channel as a means to better understand basic process of tablet manufacturing.

  3. High-Pressure Volumetric Analyzer: HPVA

    Developed as a direct and improved successor to the widely used Fisher Model 95 Sub-Sieve Sizer (FSSS), HEL has improved the FSSS’s performance by offering easy-to-use automated functions together with electronically recorded data.

  4. Autoflow 4950: Tissue Culture CO2 Incubator

    The Autoflow 4950 water jacketed oxygen control CO2 incubator virtually runs itself; controlling the temperature, CO2 level, relative humidity, and oxygen levels.

  5. Workflow Manager (WFM) Software: Design & Control Laboratory Workflows

    The Workflow Manager (WFM) is the layer between your LIMS/data management software and your laboratory instruments. It fully integrates the design and control of laboratory workflows in R&D, quality control and routine analytics.

  6. Assumption-Free Batch Modeling And Monitoring

    Batch modeling is a procedure that models processes changing over time, from an initial starting point to an end point, where the chemistry or biology is changing during the process. The best possible end product quality is achieved by adapting batch operations according to any detectable changes during processing, thus providing a control mechanism to drive a product towards its desired state. CAMO has developed a new batch modeling approach using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) accommodating uneven batch lengths and different chemical or biological starting points. The method models the data in relative time and is also independent of the actual sampling rate between the batches. The Batch Modeling product is available as a plug-in to The Unscrambler® X product and can also be utilised in a process monitoring scenario using Unscrambler® Process Pulse II.

  7. Bottom Drive High Shear Mixer Granulator

    HÜTTLIN has set yet another standard with the design of the shaft seal in the floor of the HBG. Thanks to the intelligent design of the seal and continuous rinsing, it is no longer necessary to remove the impeller to check cleanliness.

  8. Used Klockner Blister Packaging Line, Model CP1200

    Used Klockner blister packaging line with model CP1200 blister filler sealer, model P3000 cartoner, and Scandia bundler, CP1200 serial# 017, P3000 serial# 036, built 2000.

  9. Modular Systems
    Hull combines people, technology, facilities, and experience to provide customized modular systems. Our facility shop can fabricate finished vessels as well as skid mounted subassembled piping systems to be field erected.
  10. 100 Gallon Sanitary Mixing Vessel
    Special 100 gallon capacity sanitary mix vessel constructed of type 316 stainless steel. This unit is mounted on a portable cart with a scale. Included is a tilt back air operated propeller agitator, vacuum design, a 100 psi jacket and a sanitary 180 grit finish.